Moto Guzzi "Veste en Cuir Homme" Bleu (606092M01B)

€532.00 EUR

Veste en cuir spécialement conçue pour homme et pour femme.
Veste équipée de protections aux épaules, poche pour protection du dos (non fournie).
Look rétro, très confortable, 4 poches externes et doublure. 

 Leather jacket designed and engineered specifically for use by Guzzi enthusiasts. 

This jacket was designed from the outset to be used as functional apparel for motorcycle use so these jackets are equipped with durable stitching, removable shoulder and elbow protection and feature a pocket for a back protector. (back protector not included)

The deep leather treatment gives this jacket a genuine vintage look, while not compromising material strength, durability, or rider comfort. 

Jackets feature aesthetic and functional quilting on the shoulders and elbows with an adjustable zipper, 4 external pockets and reflective 3m piping on the LH sleeve.

Sized in European proportions. Order one size larger than normal to ensure a good fit.