Lewis Leathers Wallet Black (LL-405)

€299.00 EUR

Lewis Leathers has created a special new limited edition item - our first ever wallet, and one that is very much made to last. Let’s have a look at what is behind the Bridle Leather Wallet.

English Bridle Leather takes its name from its original role, the straps on a horse’s headpiece and reins. So because a rider’s life depends on these, the leathermust be durable with a high tensile strength, whilst at the same time comfortable for the horse.

To attain this quality, Bridle Leather undergoes a labour intensive process in which it is thoroughly impregnated on both surfaces with natural greases. This is followed by a special bridle finish involving manually applied oils and polishes to coat the top layer for a deep, even colour and a smooth, refined end result - what we consider the best and most reliable handmade British wallet currently available.

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