Lewis Leathers book "Wings, Wheels and Rock'N'Roll vol 1" by Rintaro Tanaka with Derek Harris

€99.00 EUR

A 240 page book with over 1,600 photos detailing the legends, the leathers and the legacy behind Britain's Oldest Motorcycle Clothing Company.

We take a deep look at the first 60 Years of Lewis Leathers, covering its early history with detailed images of flying, motoring and motorcyle clothing from the 1920's onwards.

The story is told through vintage catalogues and advertisingmaterial from the company's collections along with previouslyunseen photographs of the Racers, Riders, and Aviators who wore the brand, bringing to life the story of one of Britain's truly unique and iconic clothing companies.

All printed in ultra high 238 LPI resolution.

About the Autors:

Rin Tanaka, a Japanese editorial photographer, was born in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1970 and grew up in his family's hometown of Yokohama after moving there with his family in 1976. He started hitting U.S. roads in 1990 during his college days. He moved to California in 1998. Thus far, he was written 19 books about the history of vintage clothing including three specifically on motorcycle jackets. His books have been  published by his self-publishing company and others.

Derek Harris, owner of Lewis Leathers, was born in Sussex, England in 1958. He moved to London in 1981 where he worked at Better Badges before designing and printing his own t-shirts which were sold at his shop on Portobello oad until 1989. After a 2 year hiatus he spend 3 months in Japan, returning in August 1991 sourcing clothing brands for a Japanese retailer. One brand was Lewis Leathers which, after 12 years of researching and developing the range he then bought. He continues to run the company in London.

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